Spring – summer

The program in the New Avalon Lodge is running from September to June each year. The main emphasis is on earth healing services which are usually every second Sunday as well as healingcircle. Inbetween there are workshops usually on meditation, healing, theosophy and/or spiritual practice. The Lodge often has overseas guests running workshops, giving lectures or concerts. They are usually member of the Theosophical Fellowship coming from Australia or Scandinavia.

Sunday 31st 10:15 am Búddaservice*

Sunday. 14th 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Sunday 28th 10:15 am Ascensionservice *

Sunday 14th 10:15 am Heartflow healingservice

Sunday 4th 10:15 am Easterservice *
Sunday 4th 11:00 am (AEST) Easter Sunday Service**
Sunday. 11th 7:45 am (AEST)New Moon Meditation**
Sunday 18th 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Tuesday 27th 7:30 am (AEST) Wesak Festival Service**

Sunday 9th 10:15 am Heartflow healingservice
Tuesday 11th 7:45 am (AEST) New Moon Meditation**
Sunday 23th 11:00 am (AEST) Pentacost Service**
Tuesday 25th 19:00 am Asalafestival service *
Wednesday 26th 7:30 am (AEST) Asala Festival Service**

Sunday 6th 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Thursday 10th 7:45 am (AEST) New Moon Meditation**
Thursday 24th 7:45 am (AEST) Full Moon Meditation**
Sunday 27th 11.00 am (AEST) Earth Healing Service**

July 2021

Sunday            04 July              Violet Flame Earth Healing Service  2:00 pm   (AEST)**
Friday              09 July              New Moon Meditation             7:45 pm   (AEST)**
Friday              23 July              Full Moon Meditation               7:45 pm   (AEST)**
Sunday            25 July              Earth Healing Service               11:00 am  (AEST)**

August 2021
Saturday          07 August        New Moon Meditation              7:45 pm   (AEST)**
Sunday            15 August         Earth Healing Service               2:00 pm    (AEST)**
Saturday          21 August         Full Moon Meditation               7:45 pm   (AEST)**
Sunday            22 August          Earth Healing Service               11:00 am  (AEST)**

*Church of the Resurrected Life, Reykjavík
**The Theosophical Fellowship, online program www.heartflow.org

The program is open for people 16 years and older.
No late entry.
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