Sunday 5. 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Monday 6.  7:45 pm (AEST) New Moon meditation**        
Sunday 19. 10:15 am Healingservice of the Holy Mother*
Monday 20.  7:45 pm (AEST) Full moon meditation**
Saturday 25.  7:45 pm (AEST) Maitreya Day Celebration**
Sunday 26. 11:00 am (AEST) Service on All Angels**

Wednesday 6.  7:45 pm   (AEST) New Moon meditation**
Sunday 17. 10:15 am Heartflow healingservice
Sunday 17.  2:00 pm (AEST) Earth healing Service**
Wednesday 20. 7:45 pm (AEST) Full moon meditation**
Sunday 24.  2:00 pm (AEST) Earth healing Service**
Sunday 31. kl. 10:15 Upprisna lífs þjónusta*

Sunday 14. 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Thursday 18. 19:00 pm Ascensionday ATS
Sunday 28. 10:15 am Heartflow healingservice

Saturday 25. 10:15 am Chrismasservice*

*Services within the Church of the Ressurreced Life
** Online program The Theosophical Fellowship on

Our activities are open for everyone 16 years and older. But if you have a serious physical or psychological condition, you are advised against taking part in activities that call upon spiritual energies without prior consultation with an experienced meditation teacher. Where serious illness or imbalance is present, it is recommended that the body and mind focus on healing and regaining balance. In these cases, it is better to work on healing in cooperation with health care practitioners through, for example, relaxation, positive thinking and stress reduction. Also, if you use or have used illegal drugs, psychoactive medications (for example, antidepressants, mood stabilisers, tranquillisers, hypnotics and so forth), or alcohol (more than the occasional social drink), a minimum of 3-7 years free of using such substances is recommended before it is advisable to participate in spiritual work.

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