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The program for the New Avalon Lodge is ongoing from September till June every year.
In open activities the emphasis is on healing services, twice a month. We also offer meditation evenings with meditations from the book 17 Steps to Perfection. Below you also find program for online activities from The Theosophical Fellwship´s headquarter in Daylesford Australia. On the date given you can access the activities during the day at

Sunday 3rd, 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Thursday 7th, 7:00 pm Planitary meditation – Minerva
Sunday 17th, 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Thursday 21st, 7:00 pm Planitary medtation – Sun

Thursday 5th, 7:00 pm Planitary meditation – Venus
Sunday 15th, 10:15 am Heartflow healingservice
Sunday 29th, 10:15 am Hearthealingservice*

Thursday 2nd, 7:00 pm Planitary meditation – Ceres
Sunday 12th, 10:15 am Maitreyaservice
Wednesday, 16th 7 pm Anniversary of Ananda´s Transision
Sunday 26th, 10:15 am Heartflow healingservice

Saturday 25th, 10:15 am Christmas service*

*Services within the Church of the Resurreced Life in Reykjavík
Information on activities for members are advertised in the Lodge.

Online program The Theosophical Fellowship:

Sunday 27th, Earth healing Service
Wednesday 30th, Full Moon Meditation

Friday 15th, Contemplation at New Moon
Sunday 17th, Earth Healing Service
Sunday 24th, Service of All Angels
Monday 25th, Maitreya Day Celebration
Thursday 28th, Full Moon Meditation

Sunday 15th, Contemplation at New Moon
Sunday 15th, Earth Healing Service
Sunday 22nd, Earth Healing Service
Saturday 28th, Full Moon Meditation

Monday 13th, Contemplation at New Moon
Thursday 16th, Anniversary of Ananda´s Transition to the Inner Levels
Sunday 19th, Earth Healing Service
Monday 27th, Full Moon Meditation

Sunday 3rd, Earth Healing Service
Wednesday 13th, Contemplation at New Moon
Sunday 17th, Earth Healing Service
Sunday 24th, Earth Healing Service – Christmas Eve
Tuesday 26th, Full Moon Meditation
Sunday 31st, Earth Healing Service – New Years Eve

Our activities are open for everyone 16 years and older. No late entry.
If you have a serious physical or psychological condition, you are advised against taking part in activities that call upon spiritual energies without prior consultation with an experienced meditation teacher. Where serious illness or imbalance is present, it is recommended that the body and mind focus on healing and regaining balance. In these cases, it is better to work on healing in cooperation with health care practitioners through, for example, relaxation, positive thinking and stress reduction. Also, if you use or have used illegal drugs, psychoactive medications (for example, antidepressants, mood stabilisers, tranquillisers, hypnotics and so forth), or alcohol (more than the occasional social drink), a minimum of 3-7 years free of using such substances is recommended before it is advisable to participate in spiritual work.

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