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Bookstore selling theosophical literature

In the New Avalon Lodge there is a bookstore selling theosophical literature written by Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Leadbeater, A. A. Bailey and more, and Maitreyatheosophy written by AnandaTaraShan. There are also Cds for sale with Meditations and music. Maitreyatheosopy can also be found on the website For more information contact through or call 898 4373 (Eldey).

Examples of literature for sale written by Ananda Tara Shan:

Book: Living Word of the Hierarchy

A6 booklets: Way of the Heart, Heartflow, Heartflow and the workplace, Love, Compassion, Ascension, Karma, The Holy Grail, Age of Maitreya through the Holy Mother, Light and Work of the Theosophical Fellowship, Anger and Forgiveness, Easter, Asala festival of Goodwill, Christmas, Advent and some more booklets.

A5 booklets, Teaching for the Children of the Heart: Hope, Lord Maitreya and the Way of the Heart, Death is the entrance to a new life, The Way of Theosophy, Count of St Germain speaks, Jesus address to humanity and grouphealing of the Earth, Meditation, The Importance of Meditation, Dharma and Karma, Jesus is the Law of Forgiveness in Action, The Spirit of Resurrection and some more booklets.

Cds: Flame Meditation, White Tara meditation, White Tara heals, Ascension meditation og Jesus meditation.