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The Theosophical Fellowship Reykjavík

New Avalon Lodge is a lodge within The Theosophical Fellowship with their Headquarters in Daylesford, Australia. It is a non profit organization, a brother-sisterhood for those who wish to live their lives based on right human relations and divine wisdom, theosophy. Theosophy (theo-sophia) is the mystery religion of all times and is the essence of truth in all religions established on Earth. The work within the Theosophical Fellowship is built upon principles of Theosophy and follows the Theosophical tradition. One of the main goal within the work is the emphasis on practical Theosophy. Ananda Tara Shan has therefore transmitted new teaching, Maitreya Theosophy, from the Lord Maitreya who is the director of the Spiritual Hiearachy and know as the Bodhisattwa of the Earth.

Ananda Tara Shan (1946 – 2002) is the founder of the Theosophical Fellowship. She is a teacher of Maitreya-Theosophy and a disciple of the Lord Maitreya, the Bodisattva on Earth. Ananda Tara Shan is avataric messenger who worked cloesly with the Lord Maitreya and the Avatar of Synthesis. The philosophy of the work of the Fellowship is Maitreya Theosophy, Divine Wisdom taught from the Heart of Lord Maitreya. On behalf of Maitreya, Ananda has written and transmitted Maitreya-theosophy. More information about Ananda and the Theosophical Fellowship is on the Headquarters website The Theosophical Fellowship.

New Avalon Lodge was established 7th of Mai 1991 when it became part of the Theosophical Fellowship and was granted a charter as a Lodge within the Fellowship in January 2003, the first Lodge within the Fellowship outside Australia. It´s work started already under another name in January 1985 when the Scandinavian healer school, founded in the seventies by Ananda Tara Shan in Denmark, started in Reykjavik in January 1985.

In New Avalon Lodge we have Heartflow healing centre which is part of Heart Flow Worldwide. Heartflow is explained as an Energy that is now steaming down onto the physical-etheric level of Earth, reaching into the Heart of Humanity. Heart Flow is the love and light of the Heart of Maitreya, radiating from the inner heart of the planet Earth into all hearts who are open to the vibrations of the Heart of the Universe as it has transformed its energies down so that Heart Flow can be felt by all who so wish.

In Heartflow we seek to bring together people of goodwill who wants to work together bringing love and healing to Mother Earth.

Office and bookstore

In New Avalon Lodge there is a bookstore selling theosophical literature written by Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Leadbeater, A. A. Bailey and more, and Maitreya-theosophy written by AnandaTaraShan. There are also Cds for sale with Meditations and music. Maitreya-theosopy can also be found on this website

For more information contact through or call 898 4373 (Eldey).