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Mandala sound-resonance – Námskeið með Lars Christian Schmith

By september 1, 2011apríl 16th, 2021Fréttir

Lars Christian Schmith frá Danmörku verður með námskeiðið Mandala sound-resonance helgina 10.-11. september kl. 10-17. Að auki mun hann kynna námskeiðið föstudaginn 9. september kl. 19. Í auglýsingu frá Lars segir:

Mandalas – sacred circles for centering and healing. 

Intensive two days workshop The sacred art of mandala drawing. Participants are invited to journey within guided to explore the Sacred Alchemy of the Heart through, inquiry, intentionality, scales of radiant light, colours, vibrating sounds and burning rituals etc. All exercises are based on inner guidance and the instructions given through Dr. Judith Rajita Cornell Ph.d.

Mandala drawing and sound resonance are tools to heal emotionally and spiritually. 

Prize: 120 evrur